"Playing football is very simple, but playing football simply, is the hardest thing to do." - Johan Cruyff

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All of our members, both Pro and Basic, can attend our Free Monthly Webinar. Each month we discuss a different coaching topic and provide you with guidance that will help you in your coaching environment.

Webinars are at 1930 GMT on the first Tuesday of each month

Ask the Coach

Exclusive to our Pro Members only, each month we hold small virtual meetings with Professional Coaches from around the world. We discuss various coaching topics and our Pro Members have the chance to ask their questions directly to the Professional Coaches.

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Understanding a Game Model

Tuesday 1st December 2020 with Aaron Tyler

Your Game Model  is the foundation of everything you decide to do as a coach. It should define how you coach, how you design sessions, how you periodise training programmes, how you identify, recruit and develop player, how you build a pathway from youth to the first team and how you communicate with those around you.

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How to Design Sessions & Maximise Player Development

Tuesday 3rd November with Nicky Lelièvre

Grassroots coaches face many challenges. The biggest, is the lack of time with players. Many teams can only train for just 60 minutes per week. To be a successful coach, you need to maximise the learning opportunities for your players during the time you have with them. 

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Pro7 Soccer is dedicated to Educating, Mentoring and Supporting Grassroots coaches across the world. Grassroots coaches give everything for the players in their care and so we are giving our members access to a new webinar every single month!

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