One Goal: The Mindset of Winning Soccer Teams

In Soccer), perhaps more than any other sport, success hinges on team performance rather than individual play. As coaches are well aware, inspiring a group of players to perform as a finely tuned, coordinated unit is an ongoing challenge.

I have owned One Goal for a year now and it is still on my bedside table. Why? Because I must read it every single week! The book is like a personal guide to the in’s and out’s of the psychological side of soccer. It’s educational and practical with a step-by-step plan to implementing a winning mindset. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough for coaches at all levels of the game.

Bill Beswick – The Author

Bill Beswick is a leader in the field of applied sport psychology, internationally renowned for his work with elite soccer players and teams. Beric has worked at Manchester United, Middlesbrough and Sunderland in the English Premier League and FC Twente in the Dutch Eredivisie. He has been a contributor to (UEFA) pro licence award courses for European football associations and has international experience with the England u18, u21 men’s senior squads. 

He is currently a consultant performance psychologist with Derby County in the English championship, the English men’s rugby team and the British Olympic swimming team along with advising athletic programs in the United States, including the one at Clemson University.

Part 1:

  1. Unifying Purpose
  2. Creating Positivity
  3. Focusing Challenge
  4. Encouraging Leaders

Part 2: Relationships

  1. Forming Bonds
  2. Fostering Coachability
  3. Requiring Accountability
  4. Synching Aptitudes
  5. Managing Mood

Part 3: Performance

  1. Competing Cohesively
  2. Summoning Momentum
  3. Handling Pressure
  4. Overcoming Adversity
  5. Keeping Fresh
  6. Repeating Success

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Praise for One Goal

“This inspirational new release offers insightful ideas from the very highest level of sport. Bill Bestwick’s influence with countless winning teams makes One Goal a top priority for anyone seeking to become the best in sport, business and life. 

Tom Bates, Performance Psychologist, West Bromwich Albion Football Club

One Goal is an incredible book. I intend to keep it by my bedside for many months to come. I turn to it often when planning coaching sessions, prior to matches and even when dealing with people in my business and personal life. The book offers so much to coaches and you will not be disappointed. It will open your mind.

Founder, Pro7 Soccer

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