English FA scrap Level 1 & 2 Goalkeeper Coaching Courses

In a letter sent to Tutors and Mentors this week, the English FA outlined their plans for changes to the Affiliate coaching workforce. In it, they revealed that the Level 1 and Level 2 courses in Coaching Goalkeepers would be scrapped with no immediate plans for the replacement.

In the letter, seen by Pro7 Soccer, Director of FA Education Lucy Pearson stated “I understand that people have felt left in the dark as to what is happening and I apologise most sincerely for that. The on/off nature of the last 12 months has made having a single plan impossible as the landscape has been in a constant state of flux, however that does not excuse leaving people unclear as to what is happening.”

The letter goes on to state that the Level 1 and 2 in Coaching Goalkeeping, and Futsal courses, are being discontinued. This means that there will be no affiliate [coaching] workforce required for these courses going forward.

Young goalkeepers are frequently the forgotten players in grassroots football as the coaches leading youth teams have to balance the needs of many young players, most of whom are of course, outfield players. Goalkeepers occupy a completely unique position in football and the technical, physical and psychological skills that they require are very different from outfield players. The FA Level 1 and 2 in coaching goalkeepers use to provide coaches who maybe had never played in goal, a great understanding of the demands of the position and the capability to better integrate goalkeepers in their training sessions. Coaches in England are now left wondering where they will get the education required to coach their young goalkeepers.

Core Technical Detail

One UEFA A qualified Goalkeeping Coach is gutted to see the courses scraped:

I loved my level 1 and 2 and that’s where I learnt a lot of my core technical detail from. So annoyed they have been dropped. 

There has been no further comment about the future of Goalkeeper Coach education from the FA. The past year has been incredibly difficult for everyone and many were looking forward to getting back to some normality and getting back on track with their coaching ambitions. The cancellation of these much loved courses will be hard to take. We will provide you with more information as soon as we have it. In the meantime, checkout our Technical Guide to Goalkeeping below.

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This Technical Guide is a great introduction to Basic Goalkeeping Technique and will help inexperienced GK coaches. The guide is a available to both our Basic and Pro Members. If you are already a member, sign in and head to the Members Area > My Resources. If you are not yet a member, head over to our Registration page to find out more about being a member and to access the guide for free.

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